Smartphone cover case (course)

This is an introduction to the works of our students.
Smartphone cover case!
Smartphone cover cases have gradually become popular since last year. It looks like a notebook and seems to be good for protecting your smartphone.

The student had learned about Inokura Leather from Facebook, and when he came to the store, he seemed to have intended to make a request, but since he seemed to have a deep interest in leather craft itself, I recommended the course and decided to make it myself. .
The pattern is engraved on the unbleached tanned leather and carefully sewn by hand. Finally, complete with a secret edge polishing. It was a two-hour class, but I was impressed by how skillful the students were and how much they enjoyed making it from beginning to end.
I want to make another one when it's finished! I took an additional course.

Let's do our best next time (^^)

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