I have loved riding motorcycles since I was a student.
Many of the items they wore on a daily basis were also called biker goods.

Among them, "langlitz leather".
Although it is an American leather brand, I still clearly remember the shock I felt when I encountered this leather jacket.
It felt like armor, but when I put it on, I was surprised at how well it fit.

As a young monk, I was overwhelmed by the flexibility, fragrance, and luxury of the leather, and it felt like something out of another world.

That was the first step that made me interested in "leather".

In 2007, I suddenly became interested in leatherwork, searched for books on leatherwork in bookstores, and started making leather by myself.

However, rather than books with detailed explanations, the best learning materials were the wallets, bags, and leather jackets that I had with me.
We disassemble them, make patterns, and create original ones.
He became completely engrossed in this world, and even today, he devotes himself to each stitch with the same passion he felt at the time.

We create each individual's original work using CAD, and strive to provide everyone with the quality of the original work and create a work that suits the person.

We strive to create products that can become a part of your lifestyle, even if the color or appearance changes over time.


Tetsuji Igura Representative Director and President of Inokura Leather Co., Ltd.

2007 Started leatherwork by self-taught.
2009 Production begins under the name of the leather workshop "Inokura".
2010 Official name changed to Inokura Leather.
A workshop was opened in a renovated warehouse attached to the Kanekura Hina Doll Center.
2016 Incorporated as Inokura Leather Co., Ltd.
Together with his 10 staff members, he continues to create all his works with his soul while feeling the joy of touching leather.


Store name Inokura/Leather
Company Name Inokura Leather Co., Ltd.
address 412-0033
1767 Kamiyama, Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture
telephone number 0550-87-5666
FAX number 0550-70-6050
email address
business hours 9:00~18:00
Regular holiday Wednesday/Sunday