Please be sure to read this if you are considering purchasing a Keywear Jacket.

I don't know how to purchase things like back engraving or two-tone specifications.
If you are looking for a key wear jacket, please purchase it as an additional option.
I would like to request the engraving on the back without painting.
It can be made without painting. However, the finish will be different from the Inokura leather trademark stamp (the round stamp stamped on the key case).
The back engraving will be baked in using a laser irradiation machine, so if it is not painted, it will appear "burnt in color" (with soot). In the case of materials such as ecru, it will look great without painting, but in the case of colored leather, we recommend painting. There is no paint color option available, so please select something like "black" and write "without paint" in the comment field.
I forgot to order the back engraving.
The engraving work on the back of the Kiwe jacket is done before the three-dimensional molding.
Once the three-dimensional molding is done, engraving cannot be done.
I would like to request both the opening of the mark and the engraving on the back.
If there is a manufacturer logo (mark) on the back of the smart key, only one of them will be installed.
*Currently selling keys other than Mazda type 1, 2, and 3 have the manufacturer's logo on the back of the key, so they cannot be purchased together.
Can I paint with two colors (multicolors)?
Is possible! [UV printing] If it is an option, you can combine two or more colors. When ordering, please fill in the engraving details (SUBARU: red, FORESTER: white).
For the "back engraving" option, only one color of paint is available.
What is the original font of the back stamp?
This will be the car name logo letter written in the manufacturer's catalog etc.
I would like it wrapped.
For those who wish to receive a gift, we can provide boxes and wrapping for a fee.In the options, select "Gift Box Only" or "Gift Box + Wrapping" from the Gift Box page, and add it to your order. Please purchase at.
I want a product that I saw on SNS (Instagram, etc.)
Please send us an email ( info@inokura.jp ) with the posting date and time on your SNS site and the image, and we will contact you with the order method and price.
What is the shortest delivery time?
If no delivery date is specified, the item will be delivered within one week from the date of order. The shortest delivery time is about 5 business days, but there may be slight differences depending on the manufacturing process and the specifications of the ordered product. Including these, it will be one week. If you specify a delivery date, it will be selected after the first week.
The case I want is not sold on the website, can you make it?
If the customer sends us the key, we can almost make it. However, there may be rare cases where we are unable to manufacture a key due to its condition. Please send us the image of your key by email so that we can make a determination, so please send us the image first. Based on that, we will decide whether it is possible to manufacture it. In the case of original production, the estimated cost is approximately 7,500 to 10,000 yen.
Is it possible to pick up at the store?
Of course it is possible!Shipping charges will be automatically added when ordering, but please write in the comments section that you would like to pick up the item in-store. We will offset the shipping cost after receiving your order. You can also adjust the amount by credit card, so please complete your order.