Giving shape to “love”. Playfulness is endless!

When creating a product, we always try to imagine the customer's situation and always give them a happy ending.
The moment when a customer evaluates you and everyone involved smiles.
That is the origin of Inokura Leather.

inokura jeans

Leather close to you

Inokura Leather's new brand was launched by female staff with the desire for more people to feel closer to leather!
alba products mainly deal with accessories, and are products that are created with "SDGs" and "cost performance" in mind.

leather accessories alba

Simple and functional accessories

A "simple design" that fits any situation and is common to key cases.
Other accessories are available, such as carabiners and belt loop keychains.


Original design just for you

Customization is possible by changing the color and combination of leather and stitching to suit customer preferences.

color simulator
  • We make it for any make or model of car.

    Key wear jackets are compatible with various car models.
    We also accept models that are not listed, so please feel free to contact us.

    Car model compatibility table 
  • Rich customization

    In addition to selecting color variations,
    We also offer customization such as engraving, printing, two-tone, etc.
    Please order together with the keywear jacket itself.

    Customization options 
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