Gift Wrapping Information

Gift Wrapping Information

As a gift to your loved ones.
Please use gift wrapping.

Our staff will pack your items with care.


We have 3 types of packaging available.

  • non-woven bags

    non-woven bags

    Standard wrapping. (This is a free wrapping that is included even if you do not select it as an option.)

  • mini box

    gift box only

    Wrapping for key wear jackets and key chains. Delivered in a gift box with the Inokura logo.

  • Mini box & wrapping paper

    gift box + wrapping

    This wrapping is perfect for gifts. One point is a leather sealing stamp.

How to Use

  1. 1.Wrapping selection

    1.Wrapping selection

    Select your desired type of gift wrapping and add it to your cart.

  2. 2.Purchase procedure

    2.Purchase procedure

    Please complete the purchase process along with the product you wish to wrap.

  3. 3.Delivery


    The product will be delivered wrapped.

Order example

If you are purchasing multiple items with wrapping, you will need to specify which items will be wrapped.
Please indicate this in the inquiry field on the "Confirm your order details" page.

When wrapping one of multiple products

Please fill in the information so that we can identify the products eligible for gift wrapping.

Entry example : "Gift wrapping: Belt loop key chain regular TYPE-A"

When wrapping multiple products in the same packaging

If you order the same number of gift wrapping items as the products, there is no need to write this information.
If you are ordering 1 piece of gift wrapping, please fill in all of the items you would like.
*If you would like paid wrapping, please purchase the same quantity as the packaged products.

Example: “I would like all purchased items to be gift wrapped.”

When wrapping multiple products in different packaging

With all wrapping patterns in your cart, please enter the wrapping details and the product name associated with them. If you are purchasing a product with the same name but different stitching, etc., please fill in that information as well.

Entry example: "Gift wrapping (non-woven fabric): extra thick saddle leather belt 5.5mm"
"Gift wrapping (mini box): Belt loop key chain regular TYPE-A Leather: Blue (Galaxy) Stitching: Orange"
"Gift wrapping (mini box & wrapping paper): Belt loop key chain Regular TYPE-A Leather: Yellow Stitching: Black"


  • Some products are not compatible with wrapping, so please check each product description.
  • Noshi is not accepted.