Care after purchase

The appeal of leather, which is a natural material, is that the more you use it, the more it becomes more appealing.
If you use it for a long time, it may cause some damage.
Leather is a material that will respond well if you take care of it.
In order for you to use leather products comfortably and for a long time,
We will introduce some care methods that everyone will find useful.

Timing of care

A good guideline for maintenance is when you feel it drying up when you touch it.
It looks just like human skin, but that's what's interesting about leather. Leather is a natural product, and it changes over time, sometimes becoming dry and shiny.

Feel free to experiment and find the timing that suits your leather products.


  • wax for leather
  • cloth

*Avoid terry cloth as it may get caught on zippers etc. We recommend using soft, natural materials such as cotton that won't easily scratch the leather.

How to care

1. Remove dust

Remove dust by wiping every corner with a dry cloth.
The seams are especially prone to dust accumulation, so it's important to be careful.

2. Take wax on cloth

Apply a small amount of wax to a clean, soft cloth. The appropriate amount to use for key wear jackets, wallets, etc. is about the size of a grain of rice. Take a little at a time, keeping an eye on the size and situation so you don't take too much at once.

3. Spread the wax

Apply a thin layer of wax to an inconspicuous area first, then blend the wax over the entire area. At this time, apply in a circular motion to spread it out neatly. Applying too much can cause stains, so the key is to use it lightly and quickly.

*Depending on the type of leather, the color may fade when waxed. When cleaning for the first time, we recommend testing it in an inconspicuous place before use.

4. Shine

Once you've finished painting, apply more force this time. Please fill in the details carefully. The key is to use the pad of your thumb. Use the waxed part of the cloth to apply as vigorously as possible.
It is complete when the entire surface becomes shiny.

Leather products change over time rather than deteriorating.
So that I can hand over something as beautiful and high quality as possible to my future self.
Please try it out when you have free time on holidays or whenever you feel like it.

Introduction to wax

The product we used this time is Inokura Leather's original, high-quality leather-specific wax made from 100% beeswax made from only natural raw materials.
Contains a well-balanced blend of elongation, penetration, nutrition, and protection, it can be used on a variety of leather products (sofas, bags, shoes, wallet belts, etc.) to eliminate surface roughness and revitalize leather products.

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