[Delica Mini] Enjoy customizing your key case!

Hello, this is Onishi from Inokura Leather.
It's the second half of July, and the midsummer weather continues.
Everyone, please take care of yourself.
Well, this time I have already introduced it on Minkara, but...
About the “DELICA MINI” key case!
◆Just when I thought I had finished the illustration for the delicatessen mini, I received an order from a customer! Thank you for your order!
*Paint color etc. can be changed according to customer requests.
Delica mini_sample thumbnail image
*These are customer examples only.
==Image specifications==
・Key shape: MITSUBISHI Type-C1
Leather color: green, stitching: yellow, metal fittings: gold
・Paid option Rear engraving illustration
Paint color: yellow
Engraving details: Illustrations other than samples
Details column: New silhouette + DELICA + MINI
Deliveries have begun and Delica Mini is sure to become popular.
Same as custom parts such as wheels.
Would you like to customize your key case too?
If you are considering customizing your Delica Mini!
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