Creating high-quality leather products together with Zinger.

We were commissioned by Zinger Co., Ltd. to produce the G6 key case for Clifford, a leading company in automotive security systems .

The key case, engraved with Zinger's logo and concept, exudes a sense of luxury thanks to the texture of high-quality leather and reliable craftsmanship . It blends perfectly with the smart design of the Clifford G6, elevating your car key to a higher class item.

Collaboration with automobile-related companies

Collaborations with automotive-related companies , such as the Clifford G6 key case, are one of the important initiatives for Inokura Leather. We utilize our many years of experience and technology to create high-quality leather products that meet the needs of our customers .

Collaborations outside of the automotive industry

In addition to the automotive industry, we also accept collaborations with companies and individuals in various industries and business formats. We will create one-of-a-kind leather products according to your wishes, such as engraving your name or an original design .

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