Kids wallet #003-S

Typhoon No. 12 has made landfall in Shikoku typhoon

There seems to be a lot of damage in Matsuyama, Ehime, where I have friends. sweat01

Everyone, please be careful.

Well, today's work punch

This is a kids wallet.



This product is for use by my brother.

The exterior design has been slightly changed. flair

Additionally, there are some major changes to this kids wallet.

it is,

We also have a luxurious bill compartment. up

IMGP6109.jpg IMGP6133.jpg

Of course, the coin purse also has a gusset.


The kids wallet #003-S we created this time is a standard product.

Even though it's for kids, its functionality is outstanding. sign03

We also received an order for the standard plastic bottle key chain. shine


If you wish, we can also engrave your name (separate charge applies).

If you want to be a little different from others, go for it. run

Currently, Inokura Leather has a waiting time of up to 4 months after receiving an order.

We apologize for the inconvenience. coldsweats01

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