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Starting today, the Inokura Girls staff will be updating the blog on a daily basis!
Stay tuned for updates from the president...

My name is Tanabe and I have become the top batter.
Any content is OK...

Last month, I went to Korea.
Korea has a lot of delicious food (*^^*)
Four posts ago, a very photogenic and cute pencil case was uploaded, so I'd like to post a photo of a photogenic cake as well.

Korea = photogenic!
These are two famous restaurants where girls flock to take pictures, but I'll leave it to your imagination as to whether they were delicious or not (lol)

In a conversation with the president, the president said, ``Would you like to go to Korea with all the staff?''
I didn't miss what you said.
I hope all the gourmet staff members will enjoy it too (*^^*)

President... please take me with you?! (lol)

Satsuki in charge

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