Pen case/tank panel (Harley FLSTC)

Today's work is

"pencil case note "is.

A couple who came to Kanekura to shop the other day

I stopped by Inokura Leather and said, ``I want to make something for my daughter.''

This product was born out of a happy conversation. shine

I heard about the design and requests from my daughter and received a sketch. good


I knitted it with dyed red saddle leather and white thread to emphasize the hand stitching.

Finally, add your initials and you're done. ribbon

IMGP6213.jpg IMGP6215.jpg IMGP6226.jpg

IMGP6222.jpg IMGP6228.jpg IMGP6232.jpg

Fully hand sewn. This is a truly luxurious item, a saddle leather pencil case.

I'm sure they will cherish it more than anything, along with their parents' thoughts. heart04

Another item is

Harley-Davidson FLSTC tank panel horsedash

This is something like a band that decorates a motorcycle's gas tank.

I don't have to do anything, it's just a rubber-like tank guard.

And if you add a little color to the leather,

What can I say... shine


A truly original tank panel has been completed. sun

Please put this on and let me say it all! good

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