Harley Crossbones (FLSTSB) Leather Accessories


I added various leather accessories to Crossbones (FLSTSB). shine

P1050657.jpg P1050654.jpg

Around the front handle,

Original leather cover (Tochigi saddle leather) on the grip

Attach a plastic bottle holder (original saddle Ⅲ) to the handle. flair


P1050647.jpg Make a winding cover for the back gear...

P1050649.jpg What is this?

It's just wrapped around a frame and sewn.

This is where the rider's wallet rope rubbed while riding.

It was created to prevent this sign03

The whole thing looks like this


It has become a very original Harley. shine

Please show off your dressed up Crossbones to everyone. up

And let's go on tour together again horsedash

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