iPod Shuffle (1st generation) case

This order is a requested product from a customer who visited our store for the first time. I was away when I came to the store, so a staff member took care of my iPod, but I was told that I wanted a strap that I could easily hang around my neck, so they left the shape and design up to me.

When I called the customer again, it turned out that this iPod had not been used for a long time. However, when I was tidying up my room, I found this iPod, so I decided to put it to good use again... so I wanted to attach a strap to it to make it easier to use!
That's how it happened.

As I listened to the customer's story, I was struck by his sense of valuing things and his personality, and I asked him, ``Please let me make it within my budget.''
I tried to make this iPod work in my own way so that it can be used again.

I heard that you will be visiting us tomorrow, and I hope you are happy (^^)

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