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Hello, shizukadess?
It’s hot after all??
Is it still hot??
Is it because you have gained fat?
Just me... is it hot?
It's strange that they have diet goods in the workshop...
(I'm so busy that I can't use it lol)

Sorry for the long introduction.

Before the Obon holiday, Mr. and Mrs. Honma came from Niigata to experience leather crafting over the mountains and valleys.

The husband is a "business card holder"
His wife created the much-talked-about ``Hart Key Holder.''
``Skilled! ! It's so accurate that I can't believe it's my first time! ”

That's what the president said lol

They were a very nice couple and the staff were very warm-hearted.
Mr. Honma is looking forward to your next visit.

Please be careful when returning home.

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