original smartphone case

When I thought that the weather was not clear for a long time,

recently sun The season has arrived when you want to take a short ride on your bike... horse

But...many customers are waiting for our products, so we'll do our best today as well. coldsweats01

This is a product that was delivered yesterday.

"Bar and Shield Original Smartphone Case shine

IMGP5998.jpg IMGP6001.jpg

The exterior is the famous Harley-Davidson logo called "Bar and Shield."

I knitted the outer circumference with double stitches. sweat01

When you open the lid, you can see the smartphone screen and see who is calling you. up

The client was a designer, so I put more effort into this than usual. pout

The whole picture looks like this


Model: Mr. Y

The leather specification uses Herman oak.

Ah! It suddenly changes color to a dark color.

eh! It will look shiny. dash

Please enjoy the changes over time. flair

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