Smartphone/mobile double mobile case

The weather is getting better sun

At times like this, I ride my bike. horsedash and the place you want to go up


We have many customers waiting for our products.

I will work hard on making art today in the sunny weather. rock

However, recently there have been many requests from customers.

"A case that allows you to put your smartphone and cell phone together." foot

Yes, we have certainly entered the era of smartphones, and I am on that side as well.

Considering the functions that only a phone has, it is definitely easier to use a cell phone like before. mobilephone

However, in this day and age, it's hard to throw away a smartphone that has PC functionality. shock

That's why I made it sweat01

Titled "Double Mobile Case #001"

IMGP6152.jpg IMGP6158.jpg IMGP6160.jpg

IMGP6174.jpg IMGP6173.jpg IMGP6180.jpg

I've posted a lot of images up

I'm considering whether to make it a standard item,

If you would like to know more about this product or would like to

Please fill out "Double Mobile Case" from the inquiry form. mailto

Tomorrow, September 7th, I am going to a gift show, so I will be closed. bell

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