Miscellaneous goods sales and Maglite holder

I've been considering selling miscellaneous goods for some time.

Now that the weather is fine, Inokura Leather has started selling American-style goods and miscellaneous goods. good

We will continue to introduce our product lineup from time to time.

If you are interested in something, please visit the store. up


This time we will introduce "Maglite Holder" run

Maglite is a small flashlight.

Nowadays, most of them are LED, but even though they are small,

Performance, lifespan, etc... it's amazing. dash

I tried to make something that is easy to use and can be stored in a cool way. sweat01

IMGP6196.jpg Thumbnail image of IMGP6190.jpg IMGP6197.jpg

I used a hardening agent on the saddle leather I usually use and matched it to the shape of the light. impact

By doing so, the fit when the Maglite is tightened is excellent. up

This is the best property of leather. confident

It will become even more user-friendly as you use it. dog

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