Carving. And...promotion.

Carving products are gradually increasing.
This time it's a long wallet and a smartphone case (^^)
First of all, it's a long wallet, but as you can probably tell when you look at it, the direction of the carving is kind of weird. I made it with the picture in the wrong direction ^^; I thought it wouldn't work, but when I made it in the correct direction, it turned out to be surprisingly interesting. So I made a special long wallet.
And the smartphone case is well made (^^). It will be sold in store, so please come visit us!
Also, we were featured in a local magazine. This is the first time it has been published so big (^^)
You can get it at major stores in Gotemba City, Susono City, and Oyama Town. If you find "Ma-ne", please get it m(_ _)m

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