Medicine bag/tank panel

Typhoon No. 15 has arrived... typhoon what! this sunny day sun

The air is so clear that you can even see the mountain trail of Mt. Fuji. fuji

It's a time like this, but today's work is.

"Original medicine bag rug specification" sweat01

IMGP6265.jpg IMGP6272.jpg IMGP6282.jpg

IMGP6286.jpg IMGP6293.jpg

What is a medicine bag?As the name suggests, it is a bag for medicine. bag

Recently, bikers and outdoor enthusiasts are wearing it on their waist! That one dash

Creating original products improves usability and appearance.

It has been well received by everyone because it can be arranged freely (although it is a little more expensive). sweat01 )

However, it is loved by everyone as an important one-of-a-kind item. scissors

Please use it more and more good

Last time I introduced the Harley-Davidson tank panel.

I received a picture of the installation shine


Mr. Y from Ehime and his wife Mr. S, thank you for your order. up

We are still waiting for your orders for one-off products. run

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