gazelle bracelet watch

It can be said to be the most hit product of the year! Introducing Breath Watch.
This is a request to bring the watch itself. The clock is ○i. ○Iton! How should I make something that fits this watch head...
"Do it with a gazelle!"
Gazelle...? When I first started this job, I had seen something in a magazine or something, but all I could remember was that it looked like a deer...
Well, for now, the production (battle) using that gazelle has begun.
First, I called all kinds of wholesalers to get this leather. And somehow procured it. Then I started making it, but the fur is so soft that it's difficult to handle...^^; At first I was planning to use it as a point to hold the watch head, but it just doesn't fit properly^^; For the first time in a while, I can't work on it at all, and it's light. Depressed... But somehow with Gazelle! So, after much trial and error, I ended up making something gorgeous (^^) So I won't be making fur for the time being.
I think there are pros and cons about the quality of this work, but I think it's good because it has its own individuality!
Please share this with an image of a gazelle (also a member of the bovidae family).

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