horseshoe coin case

Horseshoe-shaped coin case ○Iton Ver.

This is my first order in a while!
“Horseshoe-shaped coin case??”
This is the first time I've introduced this product, but it's simple and easy to use, but it makes the leather craftsmen cry ~_~; It doesn't use any metal fittings, and when folded, it closes securely and when opened, it prevents coins from leaking out. It is made with the thickness and balance of the leather in mind (^^;;

This time's order was to use the horseshoe-shaped coin case with the ○yton monogram, something no one else was a really fun order! We had people bring in bags they no longer use and we made them without any mercy!

Personally, I am very satisfied with the result! It has become a gem that no one has in Masa.

(*I personally cannot take responsibility for remade products... Please note that the production is an extension of the customer's hobby m(_ _)m)

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