card case

*Opening in the afternoon on November 17th (Sunday).

This time I will introduce two versions.
Made with classic black saddle leather and red stitching that goes well with it. One is the standard design, and the other is reinforced with a red saddle in the area where the most fatigue occurs when opening and closing!

Actually, I ordered both of these with simple designs, but one of them was almost finished and I ended up scratching the ginmen (surface)...~_~;

I thought about making it again, but when I saw the scratches, I remembered that leather tends to wrinkle due to fatigue, so I hurriedly discussed the design with the staff, and this is the finished product.
It's a bit of a windfall, but it's both functional and well-designed. I'm considering making this a standard as well (^^)
I don't know where new works will come from, but I will continue to work hard to improve my works (^^)

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