Tool bag/middle wallet

A typhoon has arrived typhoon

It's so windy and rainy outside that I'm scared to leave the workshop. coldsweats02

There is no toilet in the workshop, so it is very difficult to go to the toilet at times like this. bearing

My current goal is to earn more money and build a toilet in my workshop. good

So, today's work

It's a "tool bag".


This is saddle leather dyed with oil leather.

The leather thickness is 4.5mm... waist stiffness

I tried to make it the perfect size for a genuine Harley tool bag.


We will add it to our standard products, so if you want it, please check it out!

Next, I wanted to make it and upload it as soon as possible.

It is a "middle wallet".

IMGP6344.jpg IMGP6323.jpg

It's not long, it's not short, it's medium .

In Japanese, it 's "chu kan" eye

This product is of course also a standard product, so please see the details below.

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