Medicine bag (Ortega rug)

Medicine bag (Ortega rug)
Today, I went to Tokyo Leather Fair (TLF). There are so many types! Tanners from all over the country gathered and there was a lot of leather (^^) We are planning to have a new type of standard leather in stock at Inokura Leather! Look forward to??

Main topic!
It's a medicine bag.
The client's father is celebrating his 60th birthday, so I want to make something to celebrate it! I did it with.
So, when I was listening to the story, my father...riding a Harley was σ^_^;
So, I made something that bikers would be happy to receive for their 60th birthday.
A simple collection of Ortega rugs and classic saddle leather. I want to see you running with this on as soon as possible (^^)

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