pair long wallet

Pair long wallet.

It was at the end of October that a close couple came to visit us. Although it was my first visit to the store, it seemed like I had known about this workshop for some time, so I ordered an original matching wallet (^^)

Even though they are all matching, they have the same design style and are designed to suit each occasion in terms of function and usability.

One is the zipper type. It is not a full round type, but a half round type with a wide gusset.
The other type is the shoulder type. This bag-style wallet is popular among women, and I think it's extremely functional as it has a lot of storage space and the coin purse opens wide!

The leather I used was mainly Tochigi leather, with the black saddle as the focal point.

A pair of original wallets for just two people. I'm very happy to be able to become a page in the history of these two from now on. Good luck??

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