Today, we're going to talk about "Concho" in a little extra episode.
Since around the year before last, Inokura Leather has been making and selling conchos.

What is concho?
Well, as many of you probably know, it's a material used in crafts that is made by bending coins into a curved shape and then welding screws and fasteners to the coins. It is often used as a fastener for buttons on wallets, etc. (^^)

Inokura Leather always has the coins needed to make the conchos in stock. It is mainly made using old American coins.

Bend it into a curved surface → Weld the screw using chemicals and silver pieces → Turn bright red → Cool it all at once → Jet black → Polish → Become shiny!

The process looks like this.
If you try using a concho from the year you were born in your work, or choose a coin that matches your work, it will stand out even more (^^)!

However, if you do this with Japanese coins, you will be arrested for coin forgery, so I do not do it.

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