saddle vest

At the end of last year, I received an order for a saddle vest for the first time in a while.

For this order, we not only made the vest, but also the MC on the back (
(motor cycles) Patch design. I also undertook the production.

As for the rough design, the ``Kabuki shading'' seems to be the symbol of this team, so we created a design based on that, and after many revisions, we finally decided on the design (^^)

The leather used for the vest is fully tanned saddle leather that will age well. Double stitched with Herman Oak lace on the edges! It has become a luxurious specification.

This team looks like the Harley team from Chichibu, Saitama. To all the Harley bikers out there, when you see this patch, please smile and say hello even if the person riding it isn't very friendly m(_ _)m

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