Shoulder bag

Since the beginning of February, we have been busy, and to top it off, we have had the usual heavy snowfall. It's been a hectic day with tax returns, etc., but work has finally returned to normal.

Well, the requested item this time is a shoulder bag.
When I received the order, he drew a very detailed picture for me, which was very helpful to me as the person who produced it.
The size of the bag is 25 cm in length and width, and the depth of the gusset is 5 cm.We have made a case for a smartphone and a pen holder. On the back of the cover (lid), we created a pocket for cards. All of these were produced according to the customer's sketches.
The shoulder strap is a removable attachment type and can be replaced, so it can also be used as a waist pouch.

Originality, design, functionality - we have created a work that we are proud of, packed with many elements (^^)

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