carving tray

I received an order saying, ``I would like you to make a tray, but can I put a pig in it?'' I received a silhouette of a pig, listened to my general wishes, and left the rest to me.
This time's order will be given as a present to the husband's younger brother's tonkatsu restaurant. As I listened to the story, I found out that the pork cutlet shop is called ``Fuji Kinkabuta'', and it's a very delicious pork shop that is famous around here for its high-quality pork, and often appears at events around the country!
I also looked at this store's homepage and placed a silhouette of a pig and the word "pig" on it. The carving was nice and not too flashy, and the guy who ordered the tray was very happy with it.
Please come and try the tonkatsu (^^)

Numazu Gourmet Road “Tonkatsu Fuji Kinka Angel Pig Voice”

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