Extra edition (Wanpaku Rider)

This is the busiest time of year for our concurrent sales of seasonal dolls, and major renovations to the store will begin on March 3rd (Doll's Festival) and Boys' Festival. Especially this year, with the tax increase starting in April, many people started asking for armor and helmets starting in early February.

Many of the recent festival dolls have strong individuality, but their quality is high.Customers who come to our store with an image of the past are often surprised when they see the products.

And this year too, this military commander rider is waiting for you (^^) It's a limited production product, so it's a little expensive, but it's definitely worth a look.
All the staff are waiting for you m(_ _)m
-Doll Kanekura-

Of course, Inokura Leather is also very busy with the year-end sales season ^^; I will upload the works once things calm down, so please wait (^^)

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