medicine bag

In the clear blue sky sun

I slipped out of the workshop for a bit and went out astride my beloved horse. horse

At this time of year, I feel good no matter where I run. up

The scent of osmanthus is pleasant, and the smell of the fields after harvesting is also atmospheric.

It's nice to have a bike again... dog

So here it is


"Original medicine bag" shine

This order is a request from an old friend.

I prepared this as a surprise present for her husband to celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary. present

Not too flashy, simple think But it seems like it has a presence...

Based on those opinions, I made it myself. sweat01

IMGP6550.jpg IMGP6554.jpg

The pocket that can hold small cards and the gusset are shaped like bellows.

I made it easier to store than it looks.

When attaching it to a belt, it can be easily removed by attaching and detaching the metal fittings, so there is no need to take the trouble of removing the belt. flair

Recently, there have been a large number of requested products as gifts. note

I'm really happy that my work is part of everyone's celebrations.

And even after that, I am keenly aware of the importance of connecting with various people through the product. confident

I will continue to create my works with all my heart, stitch by stitch, so please look forward to it. bell

Mr. Y, please continue to grow old together as a couple. run

Thank you for this time smile

Tomorrow, October 8th, the store will be closed.

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