vibes wallet holder

3 days of 10/8, 9 and 10

The Harley event “Vibes Meeting” was held in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture.

Although it was my first time, I participated in the competition. horsedash

We arrived in the afternoon, but the venue was already filled with Harleys everywhere. sweat01


It seems that nearly 20,000 bikers came to this venue that day. up

The difference in temperature between morning and evening was getting bigger, so I headed home with my hair pulled back.

It was a very fun tour.


By the way, I'm at work.

"Wallet holder" rock

I store my long wallets in this case instead of putting them in my back pocket.

IMGP6562.jpg IMGP6566.jpg IMGP6568.jpg

IMGP6572.jpg IMGP6579.jpg

It's something like this confident

I'm sure many bikers know this,

I don't think I've seen that much in general,

Keeps your wallet in shape and looks impressive up So I recommend it.

This product is an original work, so if you would like to order it, please feel free to email us. mailto

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