piano studio

This time, I will not be introducing leather, but rather the piano studio.
It's been a while since I received a request for a design job. We were asked to design a 3 tsubo piano studio on a small site. Our traditional style is for me to design the house and have my brother, who is the master carpenter, carry out the construction.
The client was my best friend from junior high school, and I created the image exactly as I imagined her.
"Sunshine Piano Studio"
As the name of this studio suggests, the exterior of the studio is based on a light blue color that reflects the sun, and the interior of the studio is finished with OSB plywood, with warm-colored lights creating a warm space.
Lastly, we made a signboard in collaboration with Gen-chan from G-craft. I used driftwood as the base for the signboard and created a natural finish to match the light blue exterior wall.
We were consulted in March of this year, construction began in April, and it was almost completed before the May holidays, but it was a forced effort, but with the help of many craftsmen, we were able to do a great job (^^)

"Sunshine Piano Studio"
If you are interested, please contact us m(_ _)m

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