moose hills burger

Yesterday, my local friends and my friends from Saitama took a total of 10 cars near Lake Kawaguchi.

I went to a place called "Moose Hills Burger".

Due to the unfortunate weather in the morning, I thought it would be canceled.

Saitama BOSS's GO sign appeared just at 6:00.

Meet up with local people and depart motorsports

"Moose Hills Burger" arrived safely


There is a cute Labrador retriever in the store. dog welcomed me

So, I ordered...I think it was the "Smoked Bacon Special Burger". despair

Anyway, this is the best recommendation.

But this


The bacon was soft and very tasty.

The price was a little high, but it's ok coldsweats01

After that, I headed to Asagiri Plateau, but the clouds where I was headed were pitch black. typhoon

So we pulled back and disbanded early. sweat01

Lately, it feels like we're back in the rainy season.

I couldn't even ride a bike and was stressed out.

It was a great breather horse

I returned to the workshop at 4pm, but I was very busy as three groups of customers came. coldsweats02

However, I was relieved to be able to talk with everyone.

I will be going on "Ehime Touring" from August 16th to 18th.

Please note that the workshop will be closed for this reason.

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