Watches, key chains, bandoliers, wallet holders

I've been kind of busy lately.

Update was delayed sweat02

As the seasons change little by little, we have entered the time when a leather jacket is essential for riding a motorcycle. horse

Now, let me introduce the work.

First up is the clock. happy02

"Kids watch python model"

IMGP6591.jpg IMGP6597.jpg

This watch was requested as a present for a boy who was celebrating his 10th birthday. dash

Even though it's for children, of course we don't cut corners at all. pout

Rather, I wanted him to become a man who will look good in this watch as he grows up...I created it with that in mind. scissors


Standard belt loop key chain up

IMGP6599.jpg IMGP6602.jpg

There are two types of fasteners.

Please choose according to your preference. eye Price @ ¥5,500 (Herman oak leather specification)

Do you know what a bullet belt is?

This is a gun cartridge case used for hunting that will be held in various mountains in the coming season. clover

This is what I used before

IMGP6621.jpg This is a request for you to make one using this belt. eye

Well, in this job, I am asked to do things that not many ordinary people have. wobbly

I was able to do it through trial and error. rock

IMGP6604.jpg IMGP6613.jpg IMGP6622.jpg

For me, it was quite an accomplishment. up

Fully hand-stitched saddle leather specifications Holds 10 cartridges.

This product does not appear on the market very often, so if you are interested, please contact us. bell

The last one is the kids version of the wallet holder that I introduced earlier. run


It stores a kid's size wallet and hangs it from the belt.

Another use is to store game DS etc. impact

It's going to get colder as we move towards the end of the year.

Everyone, please take care of yourself and enjoy your days. wave

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