cash tray, key chain

The sun is setting earlier maple

October is over in the blink of an eye, and there are only two months left in this year... wobbly

Before you know it, you're nearing the end of your 30s, and the wall of 40 is just around the corner. dash

About 10 minutes by car from the workshop

There is a soba restaurant called "Koijitei" noodle

The other day, I rented a section of that shop and opened a craft shop. good

This is a requested item from the shop. bell

"cash tray"


Luxuriously finished with black saddle leather sweat01

The stitching is white and of course hand sewn.

I added the words "Koijitei" in the center to give it some originality. shine

Everyone, please come and visit Koijitei once. foot 

When I ordered this tray

We also received an order for a ``Honu'' keychain.

Honu is a sea turtle in Hawaii. think

It is said to be treated with respect by the locals as a god that brings happiness.

So, here is the original one I made.

IMGP6719.jpg IMGP6722.jpg

The front is made of orange pigsuede (pig leather) to resemble a shell.

Our logo is sewn on the back.

The metal fittings are brass, so I'm looking forward to the deepening of the color over time. up

We are currently receiving a large number of orders, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Many items are delayed beyond the expected delivery date.

We are no longer accepting orders for this year. coldsweats01

Production is progressing smoothly, so if you are waiting, please be patient. dash

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