round zip wallet

A round zip wallet made of genuine saddle leather.

High quality leather has arrived.
"Genuine soft saddle leather".
Honnume refers to the process of tanning leather from hide to leather, and the current mainstream method of tanning is the drum method, which is something like a huge washing machine (drum) and is run around and around while adding chemicals. It becomes leather. On the other hand, genuine leather has many large bath tubs (pits) called pit tanks, and each tank has a different concentration, and time is carefully spent to turn it into leather. This effort does not destroy the fibers of the leather itself and produces good aging properties.

This round zip is the first product of genuine soft saddle leather. Although it was made simply and without any frills, it is a wallet that can be used for decades. Aging will be amazing too! Please try this Made in JAPAN leather (^^)

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