saddle bag repair

A saddle bag is a leather bag that is attached to a motorcycle.It is an important item for American-style motorcycles, as it not only changes its function, but also the appearance of the motorcycle itself.

This time, we're talking about a bag specifically designed for motorcycles called the ``Road Hopper,'' which is equipped with a Harley engine. I must have let the bike rest too much while driving, and the bottom of the bag was scraped off, leaving a big hole...(°_°) I asked, ``Can you repair it somehow?(*_*),'' so I took it in.
I thought about repairing just the hole, but considering the style of this bike, I decided that proper repair would actually be a disadvantage! All parts were broken and the torn leather parts were replaced with new leather to completely renew the product.

We were able to deliver it earlier than expected and the owner was very happy (^^)
We can repair many products, even those made by other companies, so if you have any ideas, please come and visit our workshop (^^)

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