summer vacation crafts

My daughter, who is on summer vacation, wanted to make her own bag, so it's a busy time, but for my cute daughter, I prioritized this a little bit, and we made it together.

This tote bag is a type that can be wrapped (rolled) using only lace, which is prepared for general classes, and can be completed by the average person in about 2 hours.

How much can you concentrate during the process of making it and take responsibility for it all the way to the end? That's what I tried.
At first, we talked about various things together and got interested in it, but when it came to lace knitting, she became desperate in her own way. Completed in about 2 hours with some adjustments! ``Done?! Finished?!'' and left in a dash (*_*)
Don't clean up, just do what you need to do and go outside. Of course I will call you back and give you a sermon (ー ー;)
My normal life went on as it was. There are still many things I have to teach them, but I am very happy that we were able to create things together like this (^^)
I don't know if any of my four children will inherit this place in the future, but I want to cherish this time and continue to show my father's back.

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