original saddle bag

Introducing the original saddle bag shine

First of all, click here

IMGP6727.JPG Road hopper type-9i

that's right! road hopper 9i

This bike is one of only 99 units in the world. sign03

If you decorate here

IMGP6743.jpg IMGP6746.jpg IMGP6749.jpg

Of course it's all one-off up

This type of saddle bag does not have storage capacity.

Manufactured with storage capacity in mind sweat01

The color of the leather is still white, but I would like to enjoy watching it change as it ages. good

Another one

Here it is.

IMGP6870.jpg IMGP6864.jpg IMGP6861.jpg

For a Harley of this size

I made the contents larger.

The size allows you to easily store half a cap. dash

IMGP6873.jpg IMGP6875.jpg

This bag is

Oil saddle bag.

Since we use saddle leather dyed with brown oil, the color is dark from the beginning.

Those who are looking for an original bag that matches their favorite car

Please contact us bleah

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