Original 3-piece set, pencil case

It's getting a lot colder.


than the warmth of the air conditioner

This looks warm

IMGP6934.jpg Oil (daruma) stove good

It also comes in handy during power outages,

Even when you look in from outside the workshop, it gives off a nice atmosphere. flair

Now, about the work.

This 3-piece set


This 3-piece set includes a short wallet, card case, and belt loop key chain.

This customer's preferences were incorporated into the fundan.

This is a work with originality.

The leather is Herman Oak leather.

I want you to enjoy aging as well. dash

Here's another introduction.



A cylindrical pencil case.

As I introduced on my blog the other day, I created an original red pencil case.

I made this for the customer's mother. shine

Matching for parent and child in different colors!

I tried to make this pen case to look like an adult.

The color is navy (dark blue) and finished with white stitching.

It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a pencil case or a makeup pouch.

Please enjoy using it. note

Please come and visit us again with your friends and family. We'll be expecting you notes

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