Card storage long wallet

The first meeting was

It was March of this year sweat02

After several meetings, this is the finished product. coldsweats01

IMGP6965.jpg IMGP6969.jpg

The exterior also incorporates the customer's preferences.

The leather used is "Standard Saddle Leather III" sign01

Use a rug to make it brighter and more original...

The clasp is made of deer lace and is held tightly with real deer antler. good

And the inner

IMGP6959.jpg Another one! IMGP6951.jpg

Full of card storage shine

There are usually 6 or 7 pockets for cards.

This is

Storage capacity of at least 20 sheets up

I couldn't help but hum the song while I was making it.

note "Everyone loves the storage capacity. I love the storage capacity too. Do you want everyone to use it?"

By saying

It has become a major project that took more than half a year from the first meeting. sweat01

I'm also curious about the owner's reaction.

I will report on that on another occasion. karaoke

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