Original long wallet, saddle belt

It's rain sprinkle

and it's very cold shock

It might snow tonight...let's stay warm and avoid the wind. aries

Now, about Longu Wallet,

The customers who order here are all very imaginative.

There are many people who take the trouble to make something original and enjoy talking about it with their designs and pictures. up

I believe that my mission is to get as close to that as possible. punch

This time it's "carving" which I stubbornly refused. sweat01

It is embossed on the leather using a special tool.

I turned it down because it would take a surprising amount of time and effort.

I gave in to customer pressure. sad

They asked me to engrave ``tiger and Sanskrit'' on the leather, so I received a manuscript and tried it out.

It is like this.

IMGP6972.jpg I'm going to trace the picture of the tiger and hit it with this stick. dash

Gradually and carefully...completed two days later good

IMGP7022.jpg IMGP6998.jpg

A simple classic long wallet

The carving and lace double stitching on the outer periphery make it unique. shine

A turquoise stone is attached to the tiger's eyes.

This is also the owner's idea. flair

This is a one-of-a-kind wallet that is filled with the owner's feelings and thoughts. sign01

Please cherish it sign03

Another item is the saddle belt.

A single extra-thick belt is also good.

Since the user this time is a woman, it has a simple design with a width of 30 mm. eye

IMGP7026.jpg IMGP7040.jpg

Even though I say it's simple, all the stitches on this product are...

Completely hand sewn

Therefore sign01 It's different from other belts around. pout

I heard that it was a present for his wife on their 25th wedding anniversary. present

The owner has previously used a belt I made and would like to have a matching one. footfoot

I put my heart into sewing each stitch to make my wife happy. sweat01

Please come visit us as a couple next time. coldsweats01

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