backpack type bag

This was the last major work of last year.

"Rucksack type bag" sweat01

The owner has severe rheumatism symptoms.

She said she wanted an original bag that she could carry on her back and that could hold a lot of things. think

Design, size, appearance, functions,'s not easy

It has been about 4 months since I received your request. wobbly

However, thanks to your patience, we were able to obtain the best materials. flair

The leather used this time is "Tochigi Leather Petrie Brown" sign01

Tochigi leather is a first-class product not only in Japan but also overseas, and is a product that is not easily available. annoy

That leather is now available as a standard item at Inokura Leather. up

This is the most important bag.

IMGP7127.jpg IMGP7131.jpg IMGP7135.jpg

In terms of size, it can comfortably fit an A4 file.

Of course, all hand stitched with linen thread. good

There is one pocket inside.

IMGP7116.jpg (Model height 153cm female)

It really takes a lot of effort to make a bag.

The feeling of accomplishment when the product is completed and the customer is happy makes the fatigue go away. airplane

Original requested products such as bags may take longer to be delivered. coldsweats01

Please allow at least 3 months to make your request. bell

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