Looks like heavy snow all over the country snow

This area doesn't get much snow, so I'm shocked at what I see on the news. wobbly

Influenza is also prevalent, so please be careful. sign01

The person who said that is the worst person right now danger My back joints have been hurting since yesterday... dash

If the store is closed, please consider it to be down. sleepy

Well, this is the product

IMGP7285.jpg IMGP7314.jpg IMGP7325.jpg

Medicine bag and belt.

This is a mysterious die-cut medicine bag,

This mark is said to be the Cro-Magnons logo. good

The owner is a big Cro-Magnons fan and asked me to make one in time for their concert tour in February. sweat01

The belt was also made to imitate vocalist Hiroto Komoto's belt. run

Of course, these products are not novel products, so they are manufactured at the customer's discretion.

Outstanding attention sign03

This is an original work, so please show it off to your friends. up

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