kids wallet

I had a day off yesterday.

I went on a tour to Zenkoji Temple in Kofu, Yamanashi. horse

When you go to Zenkoji Temple, make sure to eat Toda Udon. sign03

It seems like it has an amazing texture that makes you addicted to it, so I checked out the location and went there.


Gaaaaan down

 It was a "regular holiday".

G-chan who went with me...let's take revenge again run

So, we visited Zenkoji Temple and had soba noodles near there.


After that, as usual, rain

However, it was a fun tour.


Introducing products made by Inokura Leather.


This is a kids wallet.

"KW-002", "KW-002P"

Just because it's a kids size, there are no corners cut in the contents or construction. sign01

So that it can be used continuously

I made it with all my heart .

I hope you like it good

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