[Leather coating] We use products from Unitas Far East.

This is Onishi from Inokura Leather.
Lately, there has been a huge difference in temperature and temperature, so I've been doing my best to stay in shape!
Everyone please be careful.
Now, on to the main topic.
Unitas Far East will be visiting us on October 21st (Friday).
Unitas is a company I met at the 2022 Tokyo Leather Fair.
*From now on, I will call you Mr. Unitas.
"White leather" is a popular color for our products, but because it is made of high-quality genuine leather, "yellowing/staining" will occur over time.
We use Unitas' leather coating to prevent this "aging" as much as possible.
I'm looking forward to hearing what you'll hear on the day of your visit!
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