We supplied materials to Shizuoka Subaru!


This is Onishi from the staff.

We supplied the materials to Shizuoka Subaru, who we have always been indebted to.

Just the other day,

To Shizuoka Subaru who had a stall at "Asagiri Carnival" held at Asagiri Outdoor Activity Center on November 6th.

We supplied our materials.


1) Image taken from Shizuoka Subaru “360° Shizuoka Subaru Blog”


Looks like it was very crowded!

Our staff is also very happy!!

Asagiri Carnival is a stylish event where you can enjoy the outdoor atmosphere.

I'm curious about outdoor activities because they're all the rage these days.

▼Please check Shizuoka Subaru's blog for details on the event.

360° Shizuoka Subaru Blog

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