saddle vest

Talks about creating this vest began in September last year.

In November, I went to Saitama for a meeting and met with clients. gemini

I was pretty busy at work, too.

All hand-sewn, 14 pieces all handmade!

Sew and sew according to each size... coldsweats02

Lace is woven around the sleeves and neck.

Around this time, there was a rotating power outage, so I knitted it relying on the brightness of the day.

April: Work on 14 garments finally completed bell

From there, I made a motorcycle team patch on my back.

This is this. I can't decide on an opinion or design.

The vest that was made in April has gradually become burnt and has turned a nice amber color. sweat01

Before you know it, it's July...

Considering the design of the patch to be attached to the back

The client, I, and the embroidery shop continue to communicate via email.

The OK was given at the end of July. coldsweats01

And today it came. downwardleft

Dedeaaan foot


IMGP5871.jpg IMGP5875.jpg

It's been 4 months since I finished sewing.

It has a pretty good color shine shine

The center has a piston as its base and has a nice design that stands out.

A lot of things happened, but my client, Mr. M. thank you very much.

Please contact us if you would like team patches.

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