Saddle vest delivery

As for the saddle vest that I introduced in my diary the other day, 

Everyone came to Gotemba to pick it up. rvcar 

There are 14 vests made this time.
Eight of them came from Saitama. horse 

Once again, the atmosphere in front of the workshop was filled with excitement... coldsweats01 

IMGP5918.jpg IMGP5919.jpg IMGP5925.jpg

And everyone together camera ? ? IMGP5925.jpg

IMGP5899.jpg IMGP5903.jpg

This is Mr. T, I think he's about 175cm tall, and he's wearing size L.



And the only red one, Mr. F, is about 165cm tall and wears a size M.

IMGP5911.jpg IMGP5913.jpg


Thank you everyone for coming out in the heat.
After the production of the vest is completed until the patch on the back is made
It's been about 4 months and I'm happy with the color and luster. flair 

And now that the sun is setting, we say goodbye. 

It's getting dark, so everyone lights up their bikes with LED lights. shine 

IMGP5958.jpg IMGP5946.jpg IMGP5943.jpg

Watching everyone go home
I felt something like "a sense of accomplishment!" sign03 


If you see this patch, please say hello. bleah

Some of them are a little tough, but everyone is friendly and fun. up

Please come and visit us again with the team. 

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